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It is the hope and desire of the ICHF to promote the international growth and quality of cardiac surgery, particularly in children and young adults.  Its focus is to remain humanitarian in perspective, avoiding political, economic, and religious overtones.


  • The gradual shift from previously sponsoring indigent children and young adults, as well as those without access, to undergo free open-heart surgery in selected centers in the U.S.A.
  • Training and mentoring of medical and non-medical individuals in all aspects of the care and support of the open-heart surgical patient; both in the United States donor program and the developing host program.Mother Teresa.jpg (20143 bytes)
  • Recruiting and sponsoring U.S.A. open heart surgery teams to facilitate the development, support, or augmentation of similar teams in the host country.
  • Eventual establishment of U.S.A. based central headquarters to support clinical, educational, research and logistical systems.
  • To promote the concept of the disease specific product line of total care for cardiac related diseases.  This includes incidence, prevalence, prevention, promotion, screening, database development, diagnosis, and treatment.  Treatment strategies emphasize medical, interventional, and the gradual implementation of more complex cardiac surgical procedures in both lower and higher risk patients.

Programs & Projects

  • From 1980 thru 2000, over 50 patients from over 13 foreign countries underwent free open heart surgery in the United States at 3 different medical centers (St. Joseph's Hospital, Syracuse, N.Y.; University of Massachusetts' Medical Center; St. Vincent Hospital, both in Worcester, MA)
  • Over 25 selected and sponsored health care personnel have received additional basic and specialized medical training in the United States in the above mentioned hospitals.
  • On-site surgical missions (both solo and team efforts) have initiated, augmented, or updated programs in South Korea, Vietnam, Ecuador, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, China, Mongolia, India, Peru, Grenada, Senegal, Russia, and Myanmar; and established de novo programs in Haiti and Mauritania.
  • Visits, Lectures, Consultations and Cooperative efforts have totaled 54 countries over the past 36 years.
  • In fiscal year 2016-2017, Continuing Projects in Dominican Republic, India, along with visits to South Korea, China, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Australia, India, Ghana, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile.
  • Special Projects

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