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Mt Fuji, Japan




Location: 35 45' N, 139 30' E
Population: 127,417,200
Area: (land) 144,689 sq miles (374,744 sq km)

(water) 1,194 sq miles (3,091 sq km)

(TOTAL) 145,883 sq miles (377,835 sq km)
Terrain:  rugged mountains run through the heart of Japan, punctuated by steep tree-lined slopes, and deep valleys on the Pacific Ocean side, and lowers hills and mountains along the Sea of Japan side.

 A small series of plains are situated along the coastal areas. A notable number of (very short) rivers flow briskly down the mountains into the coastal areas.
Elevation: Highest Point,  Mt Fuji -
12,388 ft. (3,776m)
Lowest Point (-13 ft.) (-4 m)

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