In August, 2004, a survey of cardiac surgery facilities in Panama was undertaken, 2.8 million Panamanians receive cardiac surgery in six centers
 --- 4 private adult cardiac, 1 social security hospital adult cardiac, and the children's public hospital.  Less than 400 cases are done per year.  Consultation was given at the children's hospital.  A second trip was made in February, 2005.  The children's hospital has expanded it's capabilities.  They continue to increase the number of operations and more complex procedures.

Panama Canal

Panama includes over 700 offshore islands and is the connecting link (the Isthmus of Panama) between North and South America.

It also separates the Caribbean Sea from the Pacific Ocean via the vital Panama Canal. Control of the canal was returned to Panama on December 31, 1999.

The fertile land of Panama rises into a narrow corridor of mountains. Coastal weather is tropical (hot and humid), with a steamy May - December rainy season.
Official Name Republic of Panama
Population 2,991,000
Capital City Panama City (438,000)
Land Area 75,990 sq km (29.340 sq miles)
Highest Point Volcan Baru, 11,400 ft. (3,475 m)

Mola Art


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