Alessandro Frigiola MD
San Donato Hospital
Milan Italy

Location:  Italy is positioned in both the northern and eastern hemispheres and located in the south-central region of the European Continent.
Population: 58,103,000
Area: (land) 294,020 sq km
(water) 7,210 sq km
(TOTAL) 301,230 sq km (includes Sardinia & Sicily)
Climate: Italy's climate varies rather dramatically north to south. In November it can be overcast and freezing in Milan, partly cloudy and 70 degrees in Rome, and hot and sunny in Palermo.
In the mountain regions of the north, summers are usually cooler than the southern reaches of the country, and winters bring very cold temperatures and snow, often heavy.
Elevation: Highest Point Mount Blanc, 4,748 meters
Lowest Point Sea, 0 meters

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