Children's Heart Fund

Planned New Headquarters
 and Remote Facilities

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Design Goal

One goal of the International Children's Heart Fund is to establish a central headquarters that will support clinical, teaching, research and logistical systems.  It is the intent that the design ideas for the headquarters we'll envelope the goals and the history of the International Children's Heart Fund,  while employing the technologies and materials of the 21st century.  The design and function of the headquarters will become the model for future satellite stations that can be located anywhere in the world.  It is the desire and the hope ICHF that these satellite stations will promote the international growth of cardiac surgery and research worldwide.  Rapid assembly and disassembly of these satellite stations will allow the ICHF to provide temporary services to remote locations of the world on a compressed time schedule. 


Entry to Facility


Mobile Medical Trailer

Mobile Medical Unit

A Summary of the Design Idea

The design idea provides mobility and completeness to the operations and the future the ICHF. All materials used for the headquarters and the remote facilities will be functional and reasonably priced.  Design of all portions of the facilities will be adaptable for both short and long term use for any series of climate and site constraints.  Transportation of the units will be possible by means of truck, tractor, helicopter, train and ship.  Interior and exterior installation will allow each facility to provide an international feel to the site that will welcome visitors of multi-cultural backgrounds.  The combination of caring individuals, highly-trained medical professionals, integration of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies will help to make the ICHF an outstanding cardiac research and surgery organization.


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