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Cardiothoracic Surgery
A. Thomas Pezzella, M.D.


John Tucker


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Experienced and non-experienced individuals and teams are urged to explore the opportunities in the other foundations and organizations page, as well as the other general volunteer sources mentioned below.

The ICHF is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization (Tax ID# 43-1260030) founded in 1980. Current primary goals are to provide cardiac education, training, care, and surgery in host countries. Previous team projects have included Haiti, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Tanzania, and Mauritania. Annual trips include 7-12 team members. These teams have included CT Surgeon, Cardiac Anesthesia (MD and CRNA), Cardiologist, Perfusionist, OR Nursing, ICU Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, and Biomedical Engineering. The trips ranged from one to two weeks. At present, we are only sponsoring focused projects requiring individuals or smaller teams.


All team members assume their own travel expenses, and travel health insurance. The host program provides room, board, local transportation/arrangements and security.


  1. Active employment or practice, or recent retirement (less than five years).

  2. Submission of overview letter of personal goals and intent, formal application, Curriculum Vitae, and recent documentation of good to excellent health ("fit to fight and world-wide deployable")
    Please print the application form below, fill in as needed, mail to address below.
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       PDF 160k

  3. Appropriate vaccinations for country involved

  4. Travel insurance

  5. Submission of waiver of responsibility and liability (provided on acceptance for project/mission)

International Children's Heart Fund
17 Shamrock Street
Worcester, MA  01605

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