International Consultants /
Center of Excellence Program

Selected individuals will serve as regional consultants/advisors of the ICHF. Their function is to serve as sources of information, guidance, and advice in the regions they serve or represent.  Insight into political, economic, social, cultural, demographic, and medical issues are vital to an understanding of the region. Information and knowledge regarding cardiothoracic services and surgery in that region provides a valuable framework from which to design and implement future strategic and tactical efforts.  Since no international cardiothoracic surgical database exists regarding number of programs, CT surgeons, and annual surgical caseloads, cooperation between the regional consultants/advisors, corporate, and cardiothoracic surgical societies may provide vital future information.

   The Global Scheme   

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Note the lights as photographed from space clearly shows the
difference between the developed and emerging economies

Western Central Eastern
Region 1



Region 4

Western Europe

Eastern Europe


Region 7

Region 9

Pacific Rim


Region 2

Central America
Region 5

North Africa
Middle East
Central Asia
Region 8

Region 3

South America
Region 6

Sub Saharan Africa
Region 10

New Zealand


Criteria for
Center of Excellence Program.

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