The Chain Linked Fence

 It was a muggy hazy morning. Knew it would be hot that day.
Oh no, Daddy got those 2, 5 gallon cans of silver paint from those state highway workers.
Even got the brushes too.
So he tells me it's time to paint that long chain linked fence in the backyard.
What about my brother helping. Don't worry about him. Just worry about yourself.

Well I started on that fence - six feet high and seemed like 100 yards long. It gets longer as I get older. An hour later I hadn't gotten very far. It was getting frustrating and depressing. I'll never finish this! It's too long. Look at how long it is.

My father was watching from the house. He came out and surveyed the situation. Simply put, he says, don't look at the end of the fence. Just concentrate on the part in front of you.

I finished the whole fence that day. Even had paint left over.
That was for my brother to paint the fence in front of the house.

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