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From July 5th, 2008 to September 1st, 2008 Dr A. Thomas Pezzella worked at Instituto Nacional de Salud del Nio. He assisted with both Cardiac and Thoracic cases, as well as participating in pre and postoperative care. Dr Eneida Melgar Humala MD, the Chief of Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery has documented the History of Pediatric Open Heart Surgery at Instituto Nacional de Salud del Nio, Lima, Peru
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In September, 2010 a return trip to Lima included reevaluation of cardiac surgery in Peru.  Seven public hospitals and 4 private hospitals perform cardiac surgery in Lima. There are only 2 other cardiac surgery programs in Peru. Over 60 CT surgeons perform about 2,000 open heart cases per year.

March 2015 Visit: Over the past 5 years since the last mission to Lima, Peru, there has been a steady growth in adult cardiac, pediatric cardiac, and general thoracic surgery in Lima.  This was noted at 3 hospitals: Es Salud, Instituto National Cardiovascula. Dr Julio Moron Castro; Instituto National de Salud del Nino- San Borja. Dr Eneida V. Melgar Humala; and Hospital Hipolito unanue. Dr Alfredo Sotomayor Estrada.

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