Children's Heart Fund

2005 - 2007

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In collaboration with the Caribbean Cardiology Project, and the Minister of Health of Grenada a de novo Cardiac Surgery Program will be initiated in November, 2007.  A feasibility study was undertaken in April, 2005. A memorandum of understanding was prepared and sent for final approval.  The projected financial cost for this project is $20,000USD.

Further details regarding funding, planning, and logistics have been summarized.
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Senator, The Honorable Ann David Antoine
and Rozann Hansford

A 20 foot container was shipped to Grenada in October, 2006. Three team members from International Children's Heart Fund went to Grenada in December, 2006 to unpack the container and prepare the operating room and ICU for Cardiac Surgery.  This will be phased in by CardioStart. In February 2008, they will initiate the cardiac surgery program.



Photo of Hospital taken from the
 Cardiology Program office across the bay

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